domenica 18 gennaio 2015

Tamara Zemlyanaya

Tamara Zemlyanaya, Russian artist, has recently exhibited his elegant pen drawings in the Museum of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg, where he earned the praise of critics and the public.

She was particularly enthusiastic about my invitation to present them now in Val Bormida, in my "cabin sheet" (which is in secret location), residing for years in the area of forests in the territory of decentralized Cairo Montenotte - Savona.

His works on nature will be placed in the nature of our forests for the eyes of privileged friends who come from all over to my / our "BDL" (cabin sheet), equipped with walkers, with compass, water bottle, binoculars and digital camera.

Tamara Zemlyanaya is one of the artists who adhere to the "General Theory of Place", a famous philosophical text-behavioral developed by thinkers Polish Borowski - Plaszkowska - Thorek where he wrote, among other things, that "in the world there is no sufficient reason of the place, that reason exists only in the artist. The place was born as a result of a decision."

In February, the exhibition will document publicly original Russian artist with good spread of images and texts; the initiative is very well in my research project "We Make History Wonderful 2015" where there is a clear strategy to place the individual artist's work and to disseminate the message using the current communication tools which we can access with intelligent and versatile method .

Bruno Chiarlone Debenedetti

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