venerdì 23 marzo 2018

About asemic writing in topography...

Our mimetic writing, outside and inside the brackets, just entered the circle, flows slowly on the calligraphic slope of the day before, advances with unchanged energy, among the low bushes of the undetermined lands. The suggestive graphic lines that we spread with the pen and dilate without a precise meaning develop in every direction on the barren meadows, cultured and uncultivated, like weed herbaceous plants, or uprooted bushes that run rolling on the dry pages of the acid soil.

Then the collection of unknown and scattered words will be discreet and surprising, which will have a graphic value of fullness and emptiness; it will succeed with elegance to put together invented symbols, graphic brackets, dynamic writings, mobile spots, puffs, tangles.

The topographies of the Valbormidese territory are camouflaged in the sheets of the ancient cadastre, overlap and are filled with atavistic toponymy such as the ancient estates of Eldorado, the woods of the ancient Ligurian land, where pagan labors and deep indigenous litanies were brought to each change of season. The streams that descend from the rugged mountains of the Apennines draw asemic writings in the earthy brown of the woods, in the unknown maps of the unobtainable archives.

Inventiveness and imagination to soil the right one that suffices with the nuanced color the new polysemic, timbric and alphabetic writing, words cut already ready to go down in dance, to get wet with steam, to launch into the unfathomable space of the page. To get involved with childish courage in a creative game of which you do not know a priori either meaning or result.

Bruno Chiarlone Debenedetti

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